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Local Shuttle & Taxi Service for Webster, NY

There's you at Point A, and your destination at Point B. When you don't know how you're going to get from one to the other, what was once so close becomes so far away. Let Webster Penfield Taxi help you bridge the distance. Whether you need a ride to work, or a ride to the airport, you can rest assured that our professional drivers will get you there in safety and comfort.

"Late" is a four-letter word

In this day and age, people don't care what your excuse is for being late. Fortunately, you won't have one, because you called Webster Penfield Taxi. Our locally-owned airport taxi and in-town shuttle service has a proven track record of getting people where they need to be, with both time and money to spare. There's no need to beg your friends to traipse miles out of their way to get you to work or school on time. Webster Penfield Taxi is ready to roll, no begging required.
Taxi service in Webster, NY

Putting local knowledge to work

Time is money, not just for you, but for us, too! That's why Webster Penfield Taxi wouldn't dream of wasting either one by hiring drivers from who knows where. Try explaining to your boss that you were late for work because your taxi driver got lost! It won't happen when you trust Webster Penfield Taxi for your local transportation or airport taxi needs. Our drivers know the streets of Rochester, Webster and Penfield like the backs of their hands. Why? Because we live here, too! We're local people, helping local people make good on their commitments.

Driving you anywhere but crazy

It's one of those "tell me this is not happening" moments. You're running late to work or an appointment, you jump in your car, turn the key and - nothing. You try again and - nothing. You have two choices: a) have a screaming meltdown right there in your driveway or b) call Webster Penfield Taxi and get to your appointed rounds with your dignity intact. If you prefer "option B," give us a call at 585-671-9799. In no time flat, we'll turn a "tell me this is not happening" moment into a "someday we'll look back at this and laugh" moment.
Call us today! 585-671-9799
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